Cats I

1. May 2005

Minus and Felix are our two new kittens, which we got on the 1st of May 2005. They originally stayed at this kennel Odder Kattehjem together with their two siblings. Their mother was hit by a car and killed, so that is why they were adopted by us. Minus is the smallest and weighs 615 gram, Felix (white on his nose) is the largest and most courageous and weighs  640 gram.

8. May 2005

We have now had the kittens for a week, and they have gained 130/180 gram, so that is great. It is quite a job to make them stay still and put them on the scales, so we usually put them into this big pink bowl! They still get cat milk substitute, but we do not bottle-feed them any more.

Both Minus and Felix has found their way into our towel closet, and they tend to sleep on the shelves. They also like our rather expensive Hästens-bed, and with their little paws, they claw their way up into the bed. 

Felix is biting in all our electrical wires, so we have to hide some of them. Minus bites his brother in the tail, while he is peeing in the litter tray.

They sometimes fight and wants to eat from the same bowl, even if they have two similar bowls with the same food.


14. May 2005

Total panic! In the afternoon Felix got his leg squeezed in the garage door, so we had to hurry in the Alto to the vet in Malling, to get him x-rayed, as he wouldn't use his leg.

Luckily nothing was broken, and Felix did not seem very affected, he was more interested in checking the different stuff at the vets.

Home again and 1.100 Danish crowns poorer (we got a transport cage too!) Felix started using his leg again, and we could all breath easier again.

16. May 2005

The kittens have been out on the porch in the sun every day, and we have had to put up a fence to keep them inside. It doesn't work very well though, as they climbed the fence in seconds. 

Felix is fully recovered from his visit to the vet, and we hope that it will take some time until our next visit!

We have now gone from milk substitute to water, and it has been a success. The litter tray has also been changed to a larger model. Last Thursday they got a board covered with cloth, and it was a great success. They have also got a branch at the porch, which they use for climbing.

24. May 2005

During the weekend we were away from the kittens for the first time, and Svennings sister Agnete looked after them. It went quite well, and they loved Agnete. Minus made a nest in her lovely long hair, and he stayed there sleeping most of the night, so poor Agnete didn't sleep to well. 

Felix is a bit of a "shoe-fetish" and loves to play with shoes and bite in shoelaces. Minus has now caught 3 flies at the porch door. The flies moves and sticks to his tongue, and he jumps into the air, it looks really funny. Both kittens have grown a lot, and their legs and ears seems very long right now. 

26. May 2005

Both kittens have learned to use the pet-door, so that is good. A piece of paté seemed to do the trick.

Minus has got the pet-name "Deriouguina"  (or Jugi) from a famous Danish handball player from Viborg, because he has big eyes like her. To the left you can see his big eyes. It seems like Minus has longer hair than Felix, so it will be interesting to see how they will look like, when they get older. 

2. June 2005

Both kittens now weighs more than 300 g. They are full of tricks and have attacked the toilet paper roll several times, and emptied my wastepaper bag all over the floor. They have also discovered that our Futon-bed has a hidden shelf with pillows and blankets, where they can hide and sleep. 

The kittens food has now been moved to our living room, and the litter tray to the small bathroom, and it works out fine. Their favorite toy is some sticks with feathers, which the got from Hanne, but they also like small leather mice or a cardboard box.

8. June 2005

Today Jugi put one of his legs into our salad marinade, so he smelled like garlic and had to be washed with soap and water afterwards. So yes, it is never boring, and the cats can now jump onto the kitchen table, so we have to take care of the pots and pans on the stove.

12. June 2005

The kittens have now gained more than 1 kilo, since we got them. Today they have got their space at the porch extended, so they have twice the amount of grass to play on. We have attached several small shelves on the fence, so they can lie down and keep lookout into the garden at the same time.

16. June 2005

The kittens went to the vet to have their first vaccination, and also got something against fleas, as the vet found one flea on Minus. Minus cried, when he got the shot. Felix was really cool, but he is of course a veteran - it is his second visit to the vet!   

To the left I am being teased in the magazine from the Port of Århus Havn.

17. June 2005

A few weeks ago I woke up at night and went to the toilet. I didn't turn the light on, and when I went into the living room I saw two small black things on the carpet. I bent down to talk to them, thinking it was Minus and Felix. Curiously enough they did not move, and it took a while for me to realize I was talking to Svenning's black sneakers!
We have been told that the kittens came from Horsens, and that their mother was named  Kitti. We have also received pictures of their father, a big black cat with a white chest and white paws. 

Minus made a doodle in our bucket with sunflower seeds to the birds today - well, you get new surprises almost every day! The kittens have started making small sounds when they chase the mouse trail on the computer screen.... 


19. June 2005

We had to move the kittens fence, so now they can walk all over the garden. The old fence was useless, as they jumped it all the time. We have now only one fence against the road, and hopes that will work for some time. 

The neighbors have been informed that the kittens are "on the loose", so now we can only hope and pray that they can cope with the "big world" outside. Both kittens use the pet-door in and out of the house now. 

24. June 2005

A couple of days ago Felix fell into the toilet! We have tried to be very careful though, but eventually it happened anyway! Luckily the kittens are now so big (Felix weighs 1965 g and Minus 1905 g) so they can jump up from the toilet themselves. They are both keen three-climbers, and good at getting down from the threes. Svenning plays merry-go-round with the kittens in his office chair, and they think that it is great fun. We have changed the old pet-door, which was worn-out. 

4. July 2005

The kittens have been alone for a whole day, and everything worked out fine. Felix has caught his first butterfly and loved it. Today they received new feather-sticks, so we play all the time. As you can see they climb both threes and bookshelves! Minus has discovered an interesting book about birds! 

8. July 2005

The kittens now pee outside in the garden all the time, and we have thrown the litter tray away. Their favorite thing is rolling out toilet paper (!) or turning flowerpots upside down, when not occupied making marks of cat-shit from their paws on our kelim carpets! Some days they are really crazy, but you soon forgive them, as they are so kind and sweet too. 

15. July 2005

Here is my sister Lene with one of the 16-weeks old kittens. She joined us at the vet today, which went very well, and now they are all playing at the computer. Just like the dog Ruffa (Cissi's tax)  Felix and Minus gets something we call the  "ten-o'clock-craziness", where they run around the house like crazy. 

1. August 2005

The kittens are growing every day, and both weighs more than  2,5 kg now. They are more and more outside, and checks out everything on their way. Minus have started peeing in the sink (!), but he also enjoys sleeping in the same sink - see the picture below. The toilet is really interesting right now, so you always have company on the bathroom! 

8. August 2005

Yesterday Felix caught his first bird, a small baby sparrow. Too bad for the bird, but Felix was really proud of his first catch.

14. August 2005

This week we have been building a fence for our garbage containers, and Felix came along to "help". In between he took a nap in the car belonging to  Lisbeth and Robert. While we were working Minus visited the neighbors Frank and Lise, and had a great time until their dog "Samson" barked and made him run home again.

17. August 2005

At the left is Felix in the printer tray, he is really getting to big to stay there. To the right is Felix and Palle, who were visiting together with his helper Marie not so long ago. 

27. August 2005

Yesterday when I came home, I couldn't find Minus. I called and called and suddenly I saw him - on the roof of our house. The cats are now so big (they weigh more than 3 kilo) that the can easily jump from the fence and unto the roof. 

3. September 2005

The kittens have had a great summer, playing in the garden every day. To the left is Felix drinking water from the jug, and to the right the two of them are sharing a piece of rye with mackerel and mayo, not exactly their normal food, but you can be tempted ........

9. September 2005

To the left Felix sniffs the flowers. He drags his feather-stick around all over the place, and even takes in out into the porch. When he wants to play, he comes and put the feather-stick in front of you. 

12. September 2005

To the right Minus suddenly fell asleep in the warm sun. To the left Minus and Felix asleep in the window. 

18. September 2005

Felix went to the vet AGAIN! Friday afternoon we discovered a 3 cm long cut on his left back leg. So down to the vet, get the cat patched up and given some antibiotics. Poor Felix was quite groggy from the anesthetics afterwards. 

Agnete was visiting again, here she is with Minus. Here you can see Felix's wound, which was treated by the vet. 

In November 2005  we made these pumpkins for Halloween, which ended up in the paper Vestkysten. One of the pumpkins was of course showing a cat!


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