Cats II

24. September 2005

Minus loves to be outside in the garden. He hangs upside down in the threes in order to catch a butterfly. Then he lets himself fall down on top of the butterfly and catches it between his paws! 








Here is some pictures of the butterfly-hunter and his more clever brother Felix in the garden during September 2005. 

2. October 2005

Fall is coming, and the cats are grown teenagers. Minus has got a little black girlfriend, which walked all the way into the living room the other day. The wound that Felix got earlier has now fully healed and the stitches has been removed by the vet. Both cats love to be in the garden, and they hunt everything that moves. They have been beaten up a few times by grown-up cats in the neighborhood, but that is part of growing up I suppose. 

16. October 2005

It has been chilly outside, and both cats now like to stay inside IN THE BED! Felix caught his first large bird - a blackbird - a few days ago. Lots of feathers and excitement for him! Here is both cats playing at the roof. 

22. October 2005

The cats are now so grown-up that they have "moved away from home" - that means that they have each got their own sleeping-box in the living room window. Now they can stay there and look out into the garden at the same time. Here is Minus taking a nap in his box. 

Felix has visited the vet AGAIN! It was apparently not enough to visit the vets in Malling or Odder, now Felix has also tried the clinic in Skanderborg, as usual during the weekend, where the visit is most expensive! His last wound has just healed, and then he got a nasty bite in his tail, and this time we had to drive all the way to Skanderborg to get the usual shot, pills and some painkillers. Poor Felix, his tail is now shaved on the top side, and he looks really silly. Fortunately the wound is not too bad, so hopefully it will heal soon. 

31. October 2005

Felix's tail is now back to normal, even though Minus ate some of his pills! Minus likes to stay in the baskets in our hall, even if he is to large to stay there. He screams if you pass without petting him.  

3. November 2005

Felix is looking after the house and keeps other cats from coming in. To the left he is patrolling the garden and to the right he is inside looking out on the rain. 

13. November 2005

Felix makes his stretching exercises on the porch. To the right Minus has just received a treat from Svenning in the garden. Minus is the three climbing master, to the right he is sitting way up high in one of our threes. 

1. December 2005

Minus has been wandering for several days, and a couple of times we have not seen him for 3 days in a row. We were very worried and almost started hanging up "Wanted" posters at the local grocery shop. So when he finally came home, we decided that it was time for both of the cats to be castrated and have their ears tattooed. It was very hard to keep both of the cats inside for 20 hours before the visit to the vet, and they couldn't understand why they didn't have any breakfast because of the anesthesia.

2. December 2005

Both cats are  well after the castration. Yesterday at 13.30 hours they returned from the vet in Malling, and by midnight they were so full of energy, that we couldn't possible keep them inside any longer. We had to forget about the vet, who told us to keep them inside for 1 1/2 day. Minus was so pissed at me, that he actually grumbled at me!  

Today both cats are back to normal and it is full speed ahead as usual. Here is Felix in the bed with his green tattoo-ear. Minus made two green ear-prints on the toilet, when he drank some water! The vet has told us that Minus now weighs 4,46 kilo and has tattoo number AKN027. Felix weighs 4,63 kilo and has number  AKN028. 


10. December 2005

Minus and Felix  plays at the fence in the garden. They have now fully recovered from the castration, and Minus is more home now and doesn't stray anymore. Today they got their favorite food - boiled cod - and they have slept in my bed. It is not that bad to be a cat in our house! 

24. December - Christmas Eve - 2005

My mother and sister Lene came to visit at Christmas, and we had a great time together. On Christmas day we heard the Christmas greetings from Svenning and his vessel on the radio

Felix and Minus got a DVD from Lene for Christmas. It contains two hours of action especially for cats. Crows and blackbirds in a cornfield play the leading roles.  made the movie, where the birds have natural size and makes real noise. You can play the DVD as entertainment, if your cat is bored. Small paw-prints on the screen shows that the movie is a success! 

Both cats has seen the DVD - Felix even twice. On the movie box it says: Don't disturb the cat during the show, remember this is serious stuff for your cat! 



My mother and Lene at the beach in Hou. Each morning at 5 o'clock Felix wakes up Lene, he jumps into her bed with his feather-stick and wants to play. Lene uses the torch in her mobile phone to see which cat is in her bed. Later Felix is in the shower with Lene, chasing the water drops on the walls. 
27. December 2005

Finally some snow! Minus and Felix are eating dried fish in the snow on the porch. The DVD from Kitty Show is still a big success, and both cats likes it very much. Here they enjoy yet another show ....................... 

31. December 2005

Happy New Year from Minus and Felix. 

11. January 2006

The cats stay a lot inside, and don't like to go out. The now recognize the melody from their DVD, so when it starts playing, they come running towards the telly. They tried watching the DVD on Svennings computer, but both computer and speakers got attacked!  

Minus burned his paws, when he jumped from the window and onto the hot stove. Luckily the paws are healing now, and playing with cold water in the sink helps a lot....

20. January 2006

The winter continues, and even if the cats don't like the cold, they are still out playing every day.

14. February 2006

The cats have been alone for a longer period. It has worked out fine, they have been spoiled and have got shrimps from our nice neighbors while we were away. 

24. February 2006

Minus is keeping lookout at the bird feeding place - where are those birds ??? It is soon spring, so those birds must come back soon ..........

3. March 2006

To the left you can see how much alike the cats are, it is sometimes hard to tell them apart. To the right Felix is patrolling the garden. 

8. March 2006

Svenning takes a lot of good pictures of the cats. Here is our own little tiger on the fence. Inside he is not much like a tiger, he has this weird habit and likes to roll in the fruit and vegetables on the kitchen table! He is also a small dust buster and checks out every piece of the house for eatable stuff. He loves to push ball pens, bottle caps, clips or batteries under the refrigerator. Here to the right both cats in the bathroom window. They love to watch people going by outside on the road. 

24. March 2006

Last Sunday was the first warm spring day, and Minus and Felix got shrimps on the porch. Here Felix is enjoying the sun and Minus is about to jump onto the roof. 

10. April 2006

Shrimps on the porch has become a good weather tradition. Felix has again suffered from a nasty bite, so my sister Lene once again went with us to the vet. Apparently that cat cannot get sick on a normal day! After being sick for a couple of days, Felix got much better after having his medicine and he is now back to normal. We feed him the pills in paté and that helps a lot.  


8. May 2006

The weather has been lovely, and Minus loves to climb those threes. We have given the cats some fluid on their neck against ticks, but they are so clever and work together trying to lick it off! 

15. May 2006

Minus is sleeping in the garden most of the days now, if that is too cold he prefers the lambskin in the living room. 

25. May 2006

We have caught another cat inside our house a few times lately. He eats the cat food, and we try to scar him off with some water. Hopefully it will work, so our cats can keep their own food to themselves.

28. May 2006

It is pouring outside and Minus and Felix sleeps on the top of our closet in the bedroom. 

1. June 2006

Minus and  Felix plays at the lawn in the garden, and Felix keeps lookout for dog next door. 

11. June 2006

Felix is peaking out. He likes to keep track of everybody who passes by. 

Mr. "Cool cat" relaxed on the porch.

17. June 2006      Minus has caught a mouse, look how concentrated he is! 

28. June 2006

It is so hard to get the cats to stay still, but here Svenning succeeded in taking some pictures of them together. 

12. July 2006

Lene and mum has just been visiting, and the cats got extra spoiled as usual. Lene plays with Minus in the grass. 

Felix is lurking it the grass, and Minus is having a good time with Lene. 

1. August 2006

It has been a long and warm summer so far, and Minus and Felix has enjoyed to be outside, especially at night. Here are both of them in the flowers in the lawn. They have chased a lot of birds, but has not brought anything but a few feathers home. Felix caught a piece of paper from a Yankie bar though!
9. August 2006

Felix caught a small bird yesterday, and proudly presented it to us. However Minus wanted to have a piece of the bird as well, and after lots of grumbling, he took the bird away from Felix. 

1. September 2006  

Summer is fading and fall is on the way. Minus and Felix still plays a lot outside, but a nice warm blanket in the couch is nice too, if it is cold and rainy outside. 

Minus now weighs 6,7 kilo and he is heavier than Felix, which weighs 6,4 kilo. They are now fully grown, 1 1/2 year old and pretty cats both of them. They still play together, but each have gained their own personality. 

Felix is the Alpha-cat, he eats first, but Minus is king of the roof and the most daring of the two - just not when you are mentioning the vacuum cleaner.

They are both sweet and kind and love to cuddle in our laps. 

16. September 2006

A sunny fall weekend. We fixed the lawn for the last time and gave the garden furniture oil for the winter. Minus and Felix stayed playing in the grass. Minus is so heavy now that he just sits on Felix, forcing him to surrender! 

30. September 2006

Minus and Felix was taken cared of by the neighbors, while we were on holiday at the Strandhotellet in Gl. Skagen, and it worked out well as usual. The little devils broke into the kitchen cupboard to steal their own cat food! 

10. October 2006

The good weather continues, and Minus and Felix enjoys the garden together. 

We cut down an old cherry three and made this platform for them, so they can sit and keep lookout. 

14. October 2006

Felix has been at the vet AGAIN!  After fighting once again he got a nasty wound on the back. We tried giving him pills, but after a few days he absolutely refused to eat them. Luckily the medicine in now available as a fluid, so the vet gave him a shot, and that will do it. 

17. October 2006

Found a flea, when I washed one of the cats blankets. I tried to coam Minus and found 4 fleas! So now both cats have been treated for fleas, and everything in the house has been washed or vacuumed. 

13. December 2006 

Christmas is just around the corner, and we have bought this cat tower for the cats . Now we must see, if they like it. 

Minus has been fighting with another cat and got a nasty wound by his eye. We treated him with the rest of Felix's pills, and he is well again. 

No snow this winter, so here is what it looked like last year..................

29. December 2006

Jugi slept in the sink this morning, and as you can see he fills it pretty well! Both cats has been weighed for Christmas and Minus leads with 7,4 kilo compare to Felix with 6,3 kilo. Maybe it is diet time soon ????

We are looking forward to see how the cats cope with the fireworks new years eve. Felix is not afraid, but Minus uses to hide under the bed. Felix is not afraid of the vacuum cleaner, but Minus is terrified every time we pick it up. 

24. February 2007 

Cold and snowy outside. Minus and Felix prefer to stay inside by the fire. Minus didn't even go out this morning but peed in the sink! 

10. April 2007

Minus and Felix are going crazy in the nice weather. After a long winter it is so nice to come out again. They have got at large pile of sand to dig in, and they really enjoy that. 

1. May 2007

The flowers are blooming. 

Yesterday Minus came in with a large feather, so that must be the first sign of summer. He hunts everything that moves from birds to butterflies. 

Minus loved to stay outside in the summer, but when there is a treat coming up, he hurries into the house. 

Felix is also outside a lot, but he concentrates on patrolling the garden and keeping other cats away. Minus is always wet and dirty on his paws, and Felix is usually nice and clean with snow-white paws. What a difference! 

13. May 2007

Summer is here! Felix keeps lookout in the garden.  
22. June 2007

Midsummer, and here are the two "kittens" from Hasselvej 11 again, they have grown a bit sine we got them.....

6. September 2007

Wauw, time is passing so quickly, and it has been long since I posted anything. But as you can see the cats are doing fine this nice September day. This summer they have caught a lot of mice and birds, and particularly Felix is a good mouse hunter. He has caught several mice and dragged them into the house. Minus got bitten again and had to have some new pills from the vet. We covered the pills in paté, and he ate them without any problems! 

27. September 2007

Minus has just recovered from his wound, and then Felix got another wound on his leg. The female cats are apparently mating now, so there is a lot of fighting going on. 

Here are the two fighting brothers in the September sun. 

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