Remember Mikado ?                                                                       Patch with zig zag stitches 


Stamp and tape measure     
Stamp                                                     Rulerl

Old picture with photo corners                               Screw           Cotton sticks
These dogs came from a postcard                                                                          Fried egg
All these stamps have a white background
Memo board and zipper                                                                         


Animated neon signs
Folded paper                                                       Card and envelope                                     Small lined note
CD                                                                                    Transparent paper   



Chicken wire                                         Warhol effect                        Frosted picture
Cookie with frosting                                                          Eye              Band aid 
Aqua buttons                                                                                            Lego                       
    Torn paper                                                   Tape                                                  Plastic text


Pipes                                                                        Switch                         Metal pipe    



Wires                                                            Coin                     Torn edges                    
Cross stitch                               Ribbon                                                                           Needle and thread

                  Text on line                                     Cigarettes                             Folded paper     

You get almost hungry when looking on this Daim bar made in PSP

Chain made in PSP

                 Newspaper boat                                                                                 Matches

Folders made in PSP

Here are some small books, download the PSP template here. Open the document in PSP, chose "Selection", "Load from from Alpha channel", and you can change the front side with your own pattern. 

Ribbons  Animated snow globe

Disc  Credit card

I have tried to make water drops in PSP, and I think they looked almost nicer than the ones made with Eye Candy (look a the right). Eye Candy filters can be bought here

This is how it is done:

Make a lot of water drops with your lasso/freehand-tool. In order to get the water drops looking more smooth, choose selection, modify and smooth, so that the pixels on the edge gets invisible (smoothing amount 100, corner scale 10, tick the box "antialias" and "preserve corners"). These settings may depend on how big your drops are, but try to get the drops to look naturally smooth on the edges.
Keep the selected water drops and make the following layers:

Layer 1: Black drop shadow, offset 2px, blur 3, opacity approx. 50 
Layer 2: Selection invert. Make a black inner shadow, offset 8 px, blur 15, layer opacity approx. 65
Layer 3: Keep the selection. Make another black inner shadow, offset -8 px, blur 15, layer opacity approx. 65
Layer 4: Keep the selection. Make a white inner shadow, offset -8 px, blur 10. Set the layer blend mode to "overlay". Deselect and apply gaussian blur 5. Move the white shadow a little bit up and to the left, layer opacity should be approx. 80. Delete the white shadow outside the water drops. (When you apply gaussian blur, some part of the white shadow will probably end up outside the water drops.
Layer 5: Make a white highlight from above/left with your paintbrush (or make a white drop shadow), gaussian blur 1-2, and then sharpen a bit if necessary.

Turn the opacity up/down on the different layers until the water drops look right.


Reflection made with PSP box

At Nykredit you can get a credit card with your own photo. 

Another good idea is the photo books at this page

Apply your own digital photos and backgrounds, which is then made into a pretty hardback book.  

Crumbled paper with coffee stain and Jugi in an egg 

Some eggs made
during Eastern 2007


How to make a realistic crack in e. g. marble ?

1. layer is the picture of the marble piece

2. layer is a white crack, thickest on the middle. This crack is two pixels wide at the ends and approx. 4 pixels in the middle. Layer opacity 75%, blend mode overlay

3. layer is a black crack, similar to the white one, but moved one pixel up and to the right. Layer opacity 85%, blend mode burn

See how it is done here:


Some felt letters with stitches. Stitches are made in PSP with the pen-tool, tracking 10, draw freehand, width 2 px, no fill colour, length 7. Apply a little shadow to the felt letters. To the right some grunge photos. 

Some new stitches. These has a slight shadow and are rounded in the ends. The holes have 50% opacity where the stitch is, and 100% where there is no stitch. 

Have been making my own "glitter splat paint" (see another type at  http://www.christinareneedesigns). Mine is made with Blade Pro.

I have bought the filter Pixel Paper to make effects like bent paper, but you can also make it yourself. See this tutorial with realistic shadows:

In PSP  I do it like this: 

1. Make a new image with transparent background.
2. Make a new raster layer and apply your photo with a white border. Keep the photo selected. 
3. Make a new raster layer and make a black drop shadow. Move this layer beneath the photo layer. 
4. Move the "drop shadow" with the "warp brush" a little bit  towards the middle of the photo, so that it looks like the corners are pointing upwards.

5. Viola - your picture is finished.


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