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Do you know the small refrigerator magnets? Here is the e-version made in PSP. Make a rectangle, fill with light grey/white gradient, apply dark shadows to the right and down, and light shadows up and left, apply letters (font Times New Roman) and your magnets is done!




The small .gifs applause" and "kudos".


With the program "Microangelo 98", which is found on this page you can make your own icons. Here are some I made:

Gunhild        Svenning         Minus

Mig selv     Svenning     Minus

In Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 you can associate an icon with your webpage, so when others saves your webpage in their folder, the icon will appear on their list. The same icon appears when you pull the webpage to your desktop. See how it is done here:

Change the garbage bin icon on your desktop 

Here are some icons I have found on the web, remember to change them into .ico filer before using them.

If you use the toilet as garbage bin, you can use the sound flush.wav, which will then play when the bin is emptied.  

A nice place for icons is

                Some icons from Danish TV
 Hotbar for Internet Explorer

Tired of the Internet Explorer look, change your skin on this side: Here is a skin from Great Barrier Reef.

Outlook Express stationary scripts
Lettermans stationary  

The final postcard can be found here [click for example]
Plug-ins to PSP
Blade Pro and Presets for Blade Pro
Simple filters
Greg's Factory Output, vol I and II

Unplugged filters
Eye Candy 3.1 Demo
Eye Candy 4000 Demo
 Smileys  or


"E-mail sig tags" are small personal signatures, which can be added in e-mails, if you use Outlook Express. They can contain pictures, text, animations and links. The sig-tag contains two parts, a picture and a .html file, which is placed in the same folder on your computer.

"E-mail sig tags" can be made with FrontPage, but you can also make them with WordPad, which most people have on their computer.

To show the sig-tags Outlook Express should be modified like this:   

Here are some sig-tag examples

Besides pictures you can attach text, address, a quote etc. etc.
Sticky note
Having trouble remembering stuff, download the Sticky note program here:

Make red/white string like this in PSP:  

1. Make a pattern with red/white vertical stripes and save it.

2. Open your pattern in PSP

3. Chose pattern in the style palette, and chose your pattern with the vertical stripes and as foreground and "no fill" as background

4. The settings for the pattern should be scale 30, angle 315

Make a new file

6. Chose the pen tool (the little pen) with the following settings, 
    type freehand line, width 6, line style solid, create as vector and draw your string

7. Convert to raster layer. Make the string slightly irregular by using the plug-in  Eye Candy 3.1 
    with the filter "Jiggle" with the following settings, bubble size 5, warp amount 3, twist 3, movement type turbulence.

7. Chose the area outside the string with the magic wand tool. Make a shadow with the following settings, vertical offset 2,
    horizontal offset 0, blur 4, opacity 40,
colour dark grey.

8. Add another layer (keep the selection) and ad a new shadow with the following settings
    vertical offset -2, horizontal offset 0, blur 4, opacity 40,
colour dark grey

9. Chose layers, merge all. 

10. Your string should now look like this:


See how to make the magnetic poetry moveable on your webpage Try to move the poetry or the post-it note with your mouse.
Make your links be red (look at this page), on mouse-over. Use this CSS code:


Small animations for Eastern

Try the "Acme Label maker". It is found here:



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